Welcome to the official page of the first crowdfunded Drupal freelancer!
My name is Danilson Dmitry, I am a Drupal developer from Siberia (which is in Russia). Purpose of my life is to make useful profitable and profitable - useful. That is why I've decided to become crowdfunded Drupal freelancer.

Module Object Oriented Programming API

This module allows you to write modules in pure OOP syntax. It becomes handy when you need some kind of "aspects" to inweave into the main functionality of your module. Moopapi does it by Decorator pattern.

BOTCHA - highly configurable non-CAPTCHA spam protection framework

The approach of BOTCHA is to add various elements to forms that need protection from bots. These elements do not present new fields to users, so BOTCHA is completely transparent to humans. Both humans and bots submit those forms and BOTCHA performs heuristic analysis on each submitted form. Bots are usually programs/scripts that are relatively dumb, and most of the time they fail BOTCHA tests and human users don't. Once BOTCHA proves the submission is by a bot, the form submission is blocked.


This module integrates Drupal with the Selenium test tool.

Integration of Selenium with Simpletest. All tests can run in 2 modes, depending on a browser:

  • Firefox and Chrome can work both on original site and against simpletest sandbox
  • Opera and Internet Explorer can only work on original site

Both modes are launched via standard Simpletest interface.

Patch Manager

Patch manager provides a developer tool for managing patches to core and contributed modules.